Friday, October 1, 2010

feeling??? IDK??? Fridays are for reflections, RIGHT?

SO I have this kid who eats, sleeps, dreams... SOOOOO wants a berth on a future Olympic team. Kenny and I support him whole heartedly, but? Sometimes the pace and volume of training gets to us, the support network. The cost? Forget about that, its off the charts, way, way, way off the charts. Peter doesn't have a clue what Paul is doing! We will have a run down shack for years to come. The road to those rings is paved in years of financial upheaval and a truly exhausting schedule from September to April...and to think, this is a long shot pipe dream. Its all about teaching kids persistence right? I will stop whining in a minute, I am just peeved over the price of airfare. Its a sad day when your kid thinks he should VOLUNTEER his SEAT so he can SCORE a FREE FLIGHT. I spent the past week trying to catch up from that really late (2 AM) night. How does one get sponsors anyway? Man I wish he could capture the eye of the likes of JET BLUE or DELTA!!! I feel like I am being held hostage by them anyway. The cheapest fare to Calgary? Did you say 1250 for two? That is not factoring in the hotel, the car, the coaching, the meet registration, the meals... YIKES! I wish I had the gall to do what I have seen other parents do to support their kids dreams, ask others, outside the family that is hit up all the time, to help. If you have any thoughts on this?


I spent the week feeling a bit overwhelmed and saddened by bullying and just as I started to get a grip, the sad news hit about the Rutger's Freshman, Tyler Clementi, who paid the ultimate price for being victimized. I am heartbroken about this in many ways. Maybe its because my kid was victimized a few months ago when one of his friends hijacked his facebook page, left some derogatory comments and caused this indescribably painfully horrible backlash with a close friend who is gay. Who knew someone else's kid could test an unrelated friendship? Maybe, its because I work with a few at risk teens who are at their breaking point before being ostracized? Or maybe its because I am a parent? Not to mention HUMAN and capable of compassion. Maybe, just maybe it was because I spent the beginning and ending of my week being bullied myself? Its draining! I send my prayers and wishes their way! I hope that healing finds them soon.

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