Sunday, October 17, 2010

I have been neglecting my blog...

I feel so overwhelmed with life and getting ready for this exhibition that I have been neglecting my blog. I have had many ideas of what to write about but I also have this desire to be locked in my studio as a reclusive artist as well. When I am out of that space, I am either teaching, coaching, or skating. Yes, I said it, I have been skating on Wednesday nights in Yonkers, and loving every minute of the difficulty getting out of the chair Thursday mornings. The more I skate, the more I find myself wanting to be on my bike and the more I start to feel like myself.
A few weeks ago I started my school year declaring that I had 70 lbs to loose. I am still working on that journey, only now I am down to 58 lbs to loose though I think I need to start recording my journey again.
Some interesting things have happened this week. I was supposed to go to a Hall Of Fame dinner in New Paltz on Friday. I was so looking forward to seeing members of my old swim team watch my coach be inducted, but life got in the way and I never made it, I was too exhausted from my day, which for no reason seemed to unravel from the minute the power went out at 2 AM. My intermittent insomnia reared its ugly head and had me worried about waking up in time for school. Of course that was exactly what happened, I fell back to sleep at 5 AM and woke just in time to have only a few minutes to get out of the house. I was 10 minutes late for class and not fully awake when I got there. I was also impatient, indignant, and an emotional mess. I also had a crap load of work on my plate that needed to get done. As one friend put it, I looked like I did the day I arrived in London, struggling to survive the jet lag. SO I bagged my plans to go anywhere and came home and crashed. All turned out well though, we had an impromptu house full of friends for the Yankee game that yanked me away from the mess I created in the studio and I got a phone call from a Tim, a HS friend that I have not spoken to since 1982. It was so cool to hear his voice and even though we have had a familiar banter going about baseball for about a year on Facebook, I have to admit, I really had forgotten what his voice sounded like. I was stunned at this, I remembered it so differently but thinking back to our conversation on Friday, it came back to me. My old New Bedford friends Tim and Denise are so convinced that I am a closet Red Sox fan. and will go to great lengths to rib me to death at any mention of allegiance to that team that caused the "curse". Come on guys, regardless of what team I find worthy of my support, I married a BX boy, a true blue BOMBER fan. How can I be anything other than a Pinstripe groupie? lol.
I spent the rest of the weekend tending to a bunch of stuff in my studio, skipping skating on Saturday, hosting the same friends for dinner and the game last night, and visiting with Anna who came home to go apple picking with Justin. This meant apple pancakes this morning topped with the HICKORY syrup that Anna brought home from the farm in Virginia. which was awesome.
This week the family is hosting a fiber artist from Richmond, British Columbia. We are very excited to do this. Chris and Kenny head to Milwaukee on Thursday. I am going to miss his 16th birthday. Justin turns 23 on Saturday. I think I will try to get a day in at the kiln this weekend if its not too late to switch things up with Kenny gone for a few days.
Looking forward to the next few days!

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