Friday, August 14, 2009

Training wheels

Last night I was talking about my incredible day, and wondering what more I could write and the suggestion was to just write that. I knew that regardless of how perfectly fitting and the less is more concept, I still insisted that this was not nearly enough. My training at this relaxed pace (few other demands due to my summer schedule as a teacher) will be coming to a crashing halt in 11 days. Then, I am going to have to keep this going along with my classroom schedule, Chris's skating schedule, etc., etc., etc...

The push to train hard for the last 5 weeks has been due to this eventuality, I knew for me to keep up my work ethic on the bike I would have to get back into that adrenaline junkie mindset. The only way to do that was to train hard (and smart) all summer so that it would be more than a habit, and more like a necessity. I can't allow it to unravel, I just can't.
The amount of support has been incredible, so many people, including those who I haven't had in my life for a very long time, seem to be so connected to my journey. As I was perusing FB this afternoon, I came across Andrew's status which were the lyrics to "The Rainbow Connection" and Liz's thought about Jason Mraz's version This sent an eerie chill up my spine as well as gave me inspiration to write.

I spent my whole day with my oldest friend, Pete, and as always nostalgia grabs us. We were talking about a variety of things about our childhood, honestly though we were in New Paltz walking around and today it was mostly me talking about my connections to the town. With that this thought of perfect harmony came up and I started to think about people who I have connected with again, people who I have lost track of, and people who are gone forever.

I had one childhood connection, Michael, that had such spirit, such curiosity, and such drive. He died after a very long battle of brain cancer about a dozen years ago. This is the reason for the eeriness to my interaction with the Rainbow Connection. He used to sing about rainbows to his sister Karen. He loved to write, and create. I was always so impressed by his personality growing up, even though I only really knew him as a young person as he was five years younger than me. I wrote him a note shortly before he passed away. This letter took a great deal of guts for me to write, I essentially shared some things I remembered about him as a teenager (speedskating included). I also thanked him for leaving an impression on my life. I would like to hope he found peace in that. As I write this I have a good friend just starting her battle with Cancer and her life has always been about seeking harmony. My incredible journey is beginning with these (and countless other) stories. This is why I am riding 3500 miles next June, this will be my "Rainbow Connection"

So far this summer so many of you have played a role in getting me on my way and I feel the need to THANK YOU. I feel like the kid learning to ride without training wheels finally getting it at the final extension of the push and release. My family is there for me, continually encouraging me, putting up with my schedule, my moods and my weariness. I cannot even find enough words to describe just how indebted I am to them for allowing me to be me.

Jon, who has been acting as coach has been encouraging me to train smart, and TRAIN period and listening to me tell him he is crazy and ordering me to sleep (and encouraging me to become a really big fan of sleep)... As new things are added to my schedule and tasks are taken care of I am starting to feel like I am some grand physiology experiment. Believe me I am chuckling. I am still trying to figure out how he got me to ride time trials every week (to realize that I am a great deal faster) or why he asked me if stretching is easier (to get me to realize that I have lost inches). His philosophy of training seems to be based on self advocacy and insight. Thanks for getting me to figure out what works. I actually found myself laughing while racing the clock the other day even though I was SUCKING MAJOR WIND! (oops, not supposed to tell you that am I?) To tell you the truth, Alison and I came up with the ultimate HR training plan ( just stand at the end of a driveway where there is an invisible dog fence and you'll think I have been working too hard and grant me a day of rest, LOL)

Alison, Kelly and Amy, OMG, you three have been so incredible at actually keeping me going. The physical beatings you have endured at my expense to help me reach objectives... LAUGHING AGAIN...between tempo rides, spins that are actual spins, and getting me to stop racing those tri guru's to the island...who knew that you could actually make hills disappear, get legs to do that on skate blades after heavy duty bike sprints, or smell BBQ in the middle of the lake.

Steve, a ride without being pummeled would be nice! I guess you are going to continue to do so until I get it right by riding at YOUR pace. We need to talk about the nudging, the nagging, the baiting...(and then feeding me dinner). I am totally understanding Wild E Coyote's psyche. Just wait, that climb up Watchussett will be mine (eventually). You and Ellen are the best!

Pete and Roy you have proved that there is hope to keeping me sane through all my craziness. Don't worry doing hill repeats on Candelstick Hill Road scares me too. I wonder if you think that my bike is actually a permanent fixture on my car.

Rich, I am glad someone understands how to deal with screaming muscles...who knew it could be by making them scream some more.

Tom, did you really need to tell the swim team about this crazy old lady who plans on burying herself in 3500 miles, not to mention the training regime. Oh, the pressure...LOL (its inspiring)

Andrew, the zen like comments and the lectures about training and rest...totally impossible to live without. I wish we could actually ride together on one of your recovery days. HMM maybe in the spring for altitude training.

Everyone else, your support has really made my training more tolerable. Thank you so much. OK, now that I blew off Candelstick hill Rd today because I was short on time and I know I will have to answer to myself if I don't get some repeats in, I am off for an hour of pain before dark.

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Andrew said...

I deeply appriciate your writing Lisa, and the Shout-out here... I read every post, and truly understand the struggles your so thoughtfully write about..

Keep on riding & writing, as these two disparate activities are inseparable, in both of our hearts...