Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Smileys

My goal was to ride a 2 hour tempo, which with the exception of these 3 pictures I was right on target. I even managed keeping the numbers in check on the climbs. I actually had more trouble with the descents. I found this quite interesting as I chose to do my usual tempo route backwards which tends to favor the climb. In any case I think that I am noticing a training response, actually I know I am.

After my brush with uncertainty the day before I found this ride to be very lighthearted despite the grueling nature of keeping my heart rate pegged at 80% for 2 solid hours. I found it funny that Apolo Ohno had posted this to his FB page "#1 training 4 the week. Don't think about it-DO IT! If your mind says YES- your body will follow. Don't forget to smile along the way. :-)" right before I was headed out the door. I felt like our worlds were in sync in some crazy way. (I know, that is really corny) So with that statement in mind I headed out the door for my pummeling. I was so happy to be working out. About 1/2 way through my ride I noticed a trail of smileys. I passed at least 5 before I snapped the one picture. Each one was different, and each one was entertaining. What I didn't get is why the county (Putnam) actually spent money trying to eradicate them by painting over them. Interesting thought, the smileys prevailed as the paint the county used wore away to reveal the smiles underneath.

As I cruised along I spent endless time trying to dodge people on the path. It was an interesting Monday, there was a great deal of foot traffic for the middle of the day. At one point, I came flying down this hill at 30+ miles an hour to find a tree across the path. I almost barreled into it as I had looked away for a split second. My workout on the bike ended uneventfully at the bike shop. The bottom bracket creaking due to all the rain I have ridden in. I wanted to have Tim clean it out before it became a costly problem. Its so nice to have kids that drive, as I got to ask them to play chauffeur for me.

Yesterday was a double duty day. I was relieved to know that my legs have finally let me skate in their fatigued state. I had fun with Lovey, Courtney and Bill. Justin also joined me on the ice for the first time in 5 years, using baby bros gear as his own blades need work. He may make a return to the sport, which hopefully, for his sake will be in SO CAL. He is waiting to hear about an internship. As much as I enjoy having him around, home is really not where a recent college grad needs to be. So keep your fingers crossed, hold your breath, scrunch your face and pass on the positive energy.

Today? Its a time trial day!

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