Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Arles??? Giverny???

What strikes me every time I ride, even when I am racing the clock, is that I always notice something. Yesterday I was noticing just how many horse farms there were on Springtown Road and how certain sections reminded me of the Western Slope of Colorado. Today, while I was spinning along I was struck by how many panoramas could be inserted into other places.

Today was the optimal time to notice things as I was spinning a 17 mile route that had a few significant climbs on it (OK, I'll define myself: climbs that are greater than 7% and .5 miles or longer) I was also trying to keep my HR at or below 75% of max including those climbs. I chose the route I rode today because it was a route that I used to ride for recovery 6 years ago when I was in stellar shape. I rode it at the beginning of this season and it was a workout. I wanted to see where it would fit in now. Could it now be classified in my could be used as an active recovery route file? I am thinking that the answer to this is yes, but it depends on the extent of the recovery needed. I am still climbing a little too close to the top of my HR objectives so I might not choose this route when I really need to just get my legs moving and blood flowing a bit.

I was inspired by todays tasks, mostly because in one 5 minute online chat yesterday my attitude changed and in one five minute online chat today (different person) I was told that my writing has helped that person be inspired to reach for something that they want to achieve. So I left today with a bit of spring in my weary step. Thanks. I just hope I can keep this going.

Tomorrow? Back to Saratoga to bike and swim with Alison.

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