Saturday, August 15, 2009

Awosting, FINALLY!!!

Kenny and I had a few hours to kill this morning while waiting for my mother who was dropping off Chris and Mikey in New Paltz. We decided to hit up the Bakery for breakfast to go and head up to Awosting. For those of you who do not know about Awostingits one of the "sky" lakes in the Gunks. It is about 4 miles from the parking lot to the beach, and because of this it was the best place to swim when I was in college as there was hardly anyone there. This was prior to the ridge being accessible by mtn bikes. Awosting is a beautiful place, and unfortunately has lost something now that it is a short ride on a carriage road. (We overheard someone mutter how they wouldn't be caught dead walking out as it was too far just to take a swim)

Our trip basically consisted of walking out, taking a five minute dip, and then walking back. It was really hard to leave once we got there, but at least we got there this summer. We hiked as quickly as we could in both directions, as we were pressed for time. What was supposed to be a leisurely workout day was indeed a workout. I chose to carry a camelback today, the 100 oz one. I was surprised at just how heavy that pack was, and thought about how I used to ride all over creation with that thing filled to the gills with water, bike gear, food, a first-aid kit, etc. Today I felt like I was wearing a weight vest as I walked and all I had was a 5"x12" camp towel, 100 oz of water, cell phone, wallet, 1/2 cup of granola, and a sketchbook. As Kenny and I walked we talked a great deal about the area, and our love of it. We talked about our kids, its still so hard to believe how old they are already. I can't believe we are dropping Mikey off at school this week. It went by so fast. We also talked a great deal about Milwaukee. We are so excited about going out for the Trials in October. We even planned a trip to Madison for the rest day so that Chris can look at the University of Wisconsin. THIS WAS THE PERFECT HIKE. I only wish we could have spent the day at the lake.

OH- one more thought... if you know know what kind of flowers the white ones are can you please let me know. We both noticed how fragrant they are. It was kind of a gardenia, jasmine smell.

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