Sunday, May 18, 2008

Up Through the Clove

Today we rode from New Paltz, stuffin 30 miles of spiral staircase climbs with John. Now I love to climb, but I really suck at it. The torn Rotator cuff in my right shoulder makes it really tough to rely on pulling to help my legs. I can pull, but when I do it too much the muscles seize up with no warning and wreck me for the next few days, so my legs have been doing the brunt of the work. Anyway, John and Chris were really patient and pleasant. i know Chris had to be patient as I had the car keys and the means to get him back home.

It started to rain shortly after the hairpin turn, TG we were going down. It really picked up to a full pour by the time we hit Libertyville, and I started to get really cold, then a bit bonky with about 5 miles to go (could have been worse I guess). After all that I had a blast!

The image is some sculptures we came across in the clove. Check out Chris's blog

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