Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Barely hanging on, Kamikaze squirrel, and rabbits

All day long I was looking forward to my ride to Ridgefield today, only to find out that the meet was switched to Danbury, which meant a 5PM ride would be out of the question, not because of distance, but because of the traffic, so I bailed on the idea. On the way home I came up with the thought of going down past Martha's place and riding up 121 to Bogtown Rd., then I picked up Chris...A tough workout at track, sore legs, he kept rubbing them, trying not to say anything, then he took forever to get ready, and as a coach I took some cues. I suggested we head around the reservoir, which stretching means a shy 11 miles. As we head out I realize how much of the right decision that was. I lead today, 18 MPH pace and feel like I am barely moving only to look back and see Chris barely hanging on. I am now happy that I made the call for a short ride.

Intervals saved my workout, widened the gap to out of the line of sight at times since Chris was just cruising. They actually felt pretty good. I nearly bit the dust coming down from the dam. Cruising speed, 40 MPH and a squirrel decides to dart out under my wheel just as a car is whizzing by on my left, talk about an adrenaline rush. I had to slow it down a bit as this left me a bit shaky, as I did I see a rabbit do the same thing to a car.

Tomorrow, the glass house, until Friday!

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