Monday, April 28, 2008

The rain woman is back!

Two years ago I spent hours training in the rain, not by choice but by circumstance and I was not exactly a happy cyclist that year, but at the end of the season I knew why I was blessed with a wet training season

Today, however, it was a different story, I decided that I had a training schedule I didn't want alter as it would cause me too much stress. This is supposed to be fun right? So, I go home and decided to ride despite the deluge. It wasn't thundering and it wasn't cold. Where have i heard that before? Oh yeah, the story I alluded to above. Ok, I have to say that I even think that I am nuts.

Anyway, enough of that - I LOVED MY RIDE TODAY. It wasn't very long, 45 minutes (10' W/U, 30' of hill attacks, 5' cool down).
There is a certain peacefulness that comes with a rainy day ride, the colors, the smell, the sound and feel of the rain...

The hardest part was wiping the bike down afterwards and thats just because I was in wet clothing.

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