Sunday, May 25, 2008

Glacier Erratic? Ridgefield isn't that far...and I really didn't want to ride today!

Ok after yesterdays hilly 60 miles the thought of another 30- 40 today really didn't feel to good in my head, but train we must right? I spent 2-3 hours debating with myself about riding, beating myself to pieces actually, then I just decided to not listen to that monster occupying the space inside my skull, or the one that had taken up residence in Chris's skull and put on my best I am not fatigued and if you believe that... face and got dressed to ride, filled some water bottles, grabbed my gear and headed out the door deciding that White Pond was not in my cards today and that Ridgefield for lunch was more my speed. We headed east.

In the first mile, I was so sore, in the second mile I realized just how chaffed I was, in the third mile my dehydration from yesterday kind of caught up with me and by mile 8 I was contemplating turning around I then thought ok I'll make an attempt to get to Ridgefield and make an excuse to get picked up if I have to. I decided it really was not all that bad and any excuse I would muster up would just be lame, so on I plodded. I REALLY DID NOT WANT TO RIDE TODAY!!!!!!

So on we rode, up the hill past the mill house and approaching the balanced rock and Chris starts going on about the glacial erratic. I was stunned, to me, the person who grew up with a geologist as a father, it was just a balanced rock. I later learned that Chris's teacher has pictures of her Earth Science students standing in front of it all over her room. The decision was made at that point that he would have to add to the collection so we stopped on the way home and took pictures.

So we rode to Ridgefield, it didn't seem all that bad despite my tired and screaming body. It was actually flatter than I remember, and it seemed less of a chore than I thought. When we got there I wasn't hungry, so we ordered one Panini and an iced coffee, Chris downed half of the sandwich and deposited the rest in his back pocket. I just drank my iced coffee remembering the time Bud and I took an 80 mile iced coffee tour.

On the way home I realized just how hungry I really was... YIKES 5 miles to go and nothing but soapy water - yeah the bottle wasn't quite rinsed of the soap when I filled it...Why did it take me until now to realize this 25 miles in? Because despite feeling a bit dehydrated from yesterday, I was feeling that queezy can't drink anything sensation as well. I managed to fly home despite it all. Chris, don't know where he pulls it out from , went the long way up the hill and still beat me home by 200 ft (but my side was much steeper 15% for 1/2 mile to his 7% over 1 mile)

Until next time...

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