Monday, May 26, 2008

Canopus Lake overlook

Oh I really wanted to pedal today, but I got a much better offer, a hike up the AT to the Canopus Lake overlook. It was only 5 miles round trip, but it was a day out with my husband and my daughter. We traveled the same route that Kenny and I used to take all four kids when they were little, usually Chris in a backpack, Justin, Anna and Mikey walking. We remarked at how challenging that must have been for them. Some of the rock stairs were nearly waist high. No wonder Mikey used to complain so much, the steps were as big as he was.
We encountered a family about 1 mile in. They asked a question about where the trail ended and if it was walkable for lunch. Hmm, this was a hard question to answer. I asked if they had a map, and they produced a paper copy issued by the State Park. I decided to show them where we were and how far the overlook was but then I couldn't resist telling them that the end of the trail (in the northern direction of travel) was in Maine at Mt Katahdin. I'm not sure they digested it. At the overlook a couple asked if we knew of another way down. I was worried that without a map they would get lost but they managed as we spotted them by the river in Cold Spring where we headed post hike for a slice and a cone.

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