Friday, May 30, 2008

60 miles after school and the studio, a pipe dream...30 miles, a possibility, but at 5:30 PM, 20 miles is more of a reality. So we decided to get real and visit Martha (OK it was just a drive by of her massive estate in Katonah). This Griddle Ridge loop was hilly enough, and I was so exhausted when we started, but surprisingly, I was feeling like I could have ridden another 2 hours if we had the time. Every hill that I anticipated was no big deal, I seemed to be keeping a really good cadence and we completed the ride at about a 17 MPH pace.

I found my thoughts wondering from school to the anticipated summer, to the woodfiring, to the conversation I had yesterday on the way home from the glass house about 911. I had never really talked at length with anyone other than Marc about their experiences, and it brought up something that really struck a nerve, the decision to jump from the sky, and the people that watched helplessly.

I also reflect on another conversation, about being alone with my work, putting stock in what other people say...and I find myself wondering what really is important in life? Should I be spending this much time riding, when my studio work is crying to be done? I know I need to exercise, and I know that I definitely need to help Chris achieve his goals. My heart depends on it in both cases.

Chris needs a break, tomorrow, so I am on my own in the early morning. Not sure where I might wonder, or how long I'll be.
Until then, onwards and upwards...

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