Monday, July 11, 2011

We are here...

So we made it to SLC after a really cool drive through southern Utah, including Moab and Arches National Park where Justin declared that he was in a holey place, in other words all the rocks had big holes in them. On the way up route 6 we ate in this awesome hole in the wall taco shack, and it was easily the best meal we had on our trip west. We had a gorgeous drive through the mountains. Honestly, the snow pack here is more than what is left in the Rockies, beautiful! It has been an incredible journey so far. Yesterday, a rest day for skating, afforded us the time to relax a bit, get settled in and go to a street fair in Park City.

This morning however, dawned early. I had to be at the oval at 7:30 for the morning workout (inline, jump test and dryland). I learned a great deal. Chris had an on your own workout so he went for a 5 mile run a bit later. It was an interesting day. Ryan and the group he works with were really welcoming which was really heartwarming. This afternoon I had hoped to get out for a ride after the day at the oval but the game of bandi did me in (I was so tired and I am still feeling the altitude a bit).

What is bandi? Its basically like floor hockey on ice (no checking). Having a speedskater play a fast game like that on hockey skates helps develop better balance skills as well as affords a fun anaerobic and very explosive workout. Put it this way, I am beat and a bit sore as well.

Chris is well on the way to that pain train he will feel before he leaves here in a few weeks. He says the ice felt a bit awkward, but he was all smiles! (shhh, don't tell him, but what he worked on looked excruciating!)

The highlight of my day was a text from my nephew. He just got his first cell phone and promptly sent me a text to see where I was. I hope his parents were not too upset when I sent him back a text with a picture? Sorry Joe and Claudia, next time I will call him back instead.

Time to call it a night!

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