Thursday, July 14, 2011

A soak in the crater

So today was a day off for Chris and nothing could be better than a soak in a hot spring. The one we chose was called the crater located at the Homestead resort in Midway. We were originally going to go for a hike up to Diamond Fork  but there was some recent postings on Facebook that talked about trail washouts and rattlesnakes and because I didn't know the trail to begin with we decided it would be best to leave it for another time.
After our 40 minute soak we headed into Midway for lunch then came back down to Salt Lake using back roads. We drove around Deer Creek reservior and down through Provo Canyon where we stopped at Bridal Veil falls and dipped our toes in at the base of the falls.
We were back in town by 4:30 or so. Chris decided to take advantage of relaxing for the rest of his day. I however, went out for an hour long ride. Aside from rush hour traffic that was annoying in certain areas, my ride was pleasant. At one point I hoped on the Jordan Parkway and headed toward town. I went about 10 miles before heading back for dinner.

Tomorrow is an early day, 7:30 at Sugar House park (I may ride the 16 miles over there).

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