Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love the Thunder

When I left the Subaru dealer it was pouring sheets. The sky was charged. The clouds felt like they were sitting at shoulder height. The world should have stopped but it didn't. There was this woman running to dodge the drops as she crossed in front of me on State Street, her 2 toddlers in tow, a girl about 2 and a boy about 4. The boy turned and flashed me an incredible grin as if he was trying to tell me that he thought this was great (but don't tell his mom). She gave up half way down 1300S, and slowed to a walk despite the increase in the volume of water. On 1300S at that same intersection there was a man sitting on his Harley, tank top, shorts, no helmet and despite the intense conditions no evident body language either. He sat there at the light stoic as if it were a bright and sunny day. Then there was the man in a wheel chair exiting the TRAX station with a companion, he was dancing a happy dance as if he was being baptized while his companion appeared embarrassed and annoyed at being wet.

Storms here are different than they are at home. At home they seem to come to a steady boil before erupting, exploding, destroying...You know they will be bad. Here they come out of nowhere and are like a dry flash in a pan catching whatever energy they can from that initial burst, the clouds dumping their contents at once.

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