Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Three Little ...

Today was a fantastic day! I learned more about rockering blades this morning which until now the only one I ever felt comfortable asking was John Dimon which leaves me a long way off that 10,000 hour goal that is needed to be considered knowledgeable. I am not saying that I any closer to reaching that goal, only that I now have a bit more confidence about asking questions. Thanks Ryan! 

This afternoon I dropped Chris off near the Holger Zoo to meet Matt and his group for a 2 hour ride. They were riding over to the mouth of Little Cottonwood before turning back so Chris planned to meet me somewhere along Wassatch or even up Mill Creek Canyon as that was where I was headed. It took Ryan's group longer to drop me this week. It was just a few minutes before we made the turn up the canyon. When I arrived they had just started their interval set. Last week they were well into it. I sat for about 15 minutes to let my HR come down a bit (not to mention cool off- it was HOT out there). Then I took off up the canyon- riding just before Heather started her 4th trip up. My plan was to ride until the last one in the bunch reached their 4 minute turn around, but the excitement of being able to breath this time got the better of me and I headed further up the road.  I was giddy, the air was considerably cooler, the road flattened out a bit, there seemed to be some cool trails to explore sometime in the next week and then just as I had the end in sight I see what I thought was a LARGE black dog scamper across the road followed by two smaller large black dogs then it hit me these were not LARGE BLACK NEFEE's. Momma and her babies were granted a VERY large berth, meaning I chickened out, turned around, and high-tailed it down the canyon a bit before my goal. I arrived at the meeting point to another surprise, Chris was sitting in the shade waiting for the NT workout to be finished and me to return. On the way back to the car Chris and I got stuck at a light and the team waited for us at the next one, which was so touching. Thanks GUYS!  Another ride that makes it hard to think about leaving this place. The mountains offer so many great challenges AND this is one of the most bike friendly cities I have ever spent time in. The car dealer even has loaner bikes! 

Tomorrow we have a day off, or at the very least an easy day. Chris and I are off to see the U (again) and check in with admissions about what financial aid might be available to him. Then we are headed to the pool with the girls. I may head out on my own for a ride but if not laps in the pool might be a welcome thought instead. 

I leave you with this:

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