Thursday, July 21, 2011


As I rode yesterday with the group I was with I saw Chris pass me in the other direction with his team. Chris had borrowed last years Kermit jersey and at one point before we rode I had fixed his collar in true motherly fashion and caught a glimpse of the JMB memorial on it. I wondered if Jared had ever ridden in Utah and was sure he knew full well how much mental strength it was taking Chris to get out there and ride after a 3 hour workout just a few hours before. As he waved hi I found myself thinking about the PMC and then Adam, and then other siblings, like Jimmy's seven sisters and brother and Hanna's brother and sister and what it must be like for them to suddenly be without one their closest friends and playmates there. My heart wrenched.

When I was at the plateau waiting for my heart rate to come down, it was so hot and I made the comment that I wish the team had considered tank jerseys. With that Ryan asked me about the team and I found myself talking about Jared and his family and how biking was a big part of life from racing to touring. I realized later that story this resonated well as I was talking to accomplished athletes.

As I left to ride up the canyon I could not loose my train of thought about the PMC. I am still a bit nervous about raising the funds but for some reason I have faith about this too. At the end of my day's ride Chris joined me for the ride back to the car and I had this thought about a recent e-mail about spotting a Kermit member on the cape. I wondered if anyone riding by us at rush hour was wondering who we were as they passed?

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