Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No one can make you happy or angry...

Redhead Riter  tweets "No one can make you happy or angry. Only you are in control of those emotions" I am instantly drawn to something I read yesterday about peri-menopausal mood swings (which for some is like PMS on steroids) or even MADNESS. Yes, I was doing some investigative reporting as to why I was falling apart over a stupid trailer hitch.  Apparently, according to this one article I read, the reason why some women suffer mood swings is because they were overly sensitive to begin with and that they should just learn to suck it up. To go on, it stated that middle-aged women are out of touch or not accepting of their own feelings about being an old woman. If they just learned to deal with that...HAH that had to be something a MAN wrote! Mess with his testosterone levels, oh wait a minute...I bet you the guy that wrote that couldn't deal with his own drop in hormone levels, balding head (sorry Kenny) and lust for those pretty young thangs. OK, I will play nice, after all as the Redhead said I am the one in control of my emotions. (tehehe)

We have this copy of Notes and Lectures on the American Practice of Medicine, which is basically a physicians desk reference from 1855, and the last bit of text in that book deals with HYSTERIA. One of the treatments was tonics of quinine every 6 hours. I'll take mine with some plymouths or heck even beefeaters will do. Skip the tonic, don't need all that sugar anyway. (OH, I feel happy already)

Getting older is something I accept whole-heartedly. I have found ways to deal with some of the symptoms of this excruciatingly slow and agonizing process of loosing my ability to contribute another life to this planet. Quite frankly, after contributing four wonderful beings to the population tally I think I have done enough in that department. I just hate the memory and focus issues. I think its mostly because I am so on the fly on all of the time that I hate the thought of making lists. Besides if I can't keep track of my thoughts how the hell am I going to keep track of that piece of paper? Back when Justin was an only child I remember watching someone dear to me look for her glasses for 4 days straight when she was about my age, they were on her head the whole time. Sadly, despite not understanding that then, I can relate to it now.

I now know that when I spend the evening dancing and jumping around like a toddler, I wake up feeling like my insides are about to drop to my knees! This morning, my back really hurts. My mood however, is so much better, like that of a 20 year old, but then again my back is screaming TAKE something  and take it NOW. I am actually contemplating running my errands in this heat with the seat heater on (I did it didn't work). I give up. Its happened. I guess I am an OLD WOMAN ... complete with all the interference. I even forgot to go to the post- office and home depot despite being by both of those places.

Back trauma or not,  LAST NIGHT WAS WAY COOL! Kenny bought those tickets as a 24th anniversary present over a month ago, it was well worth the wait. As we were leaving the park he said happy anniversary to me. This couple in front of us caught wind of it and were so interested in the whole concept of concert tickets for an anniversary present. They wanted to know how many years, and wished us a happy anniversary. I have to admit it was one of the best presents. (XOXO)

I was so glad to see my friend  Melanie too. Melanie YOU better call me when something this wonderful comes along!


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