Monday, June 20, 2011

give her a new toy and smiles all around

There was some question about my road bike and whether it would be ready to ride by last weekend. Thursday came and went, Tim informed me that he was having trouble getting a 10 speed Ultegra 12x25 Cassette because its a Japanese company. I was a wreck!!! Friday I got the call, but at that point I had decided that it was more important to make plans to work out with company than hoping that my road bike was done. Alison and I decided to ride the ridge, despite her not ever riding off road or even owning a mtn bike. After we made plans, we both furiously looked for a ride. I found a few, but Tim offered me the shop loaner so I took it. Saturday morning I headed to the ridge with 2 bikes on the rack, the sunroof and windows open and the tunes cranked. It was a beautiful day!
We just made it into the park in time to get a spot up top. We were off and riding in no time. At first there was the cautious I cannot believe how much of a workout this is, this lasted all of about 10 minutes. When we hit the first puddle and it was all over and forget about the views or the hawks buzzing the cliffs that just added to it, Alison was hooked! She hadn't ridden like that since she was a kid!

Yesterday? We did a family workout in Hamden. CT. A dryland workout that is resonating with all three of us today (Chris, Kenny and I). It HURT. Afterwards we headed to Griff's Chicken Shack for dinner. So much for working out (jumbalya, chicken fingers, fries) but hey it was father's day and Kenny was with us.

Needless to say, today I was sore. I went out for an easy spin with Chris. We concentrated on low gears and high leg speeds, trying beyond reason to flush the junk from our legs. It was nice to get out with him for a change. It was also endearing to have him coach me through dryland yesterday in front of the rest of the club.

Don't forget July 1 is our fundraiser for the PMC. It will be held at the clubhouse at 7PM.

Today Caroline (a neighbor) left a stuffed Kermit on my front stoop. I offered to trade her a cup for the stuffed animal, she declined. I am so thankful for the support. Thank you Caroline!

Thanks about all for now other than getting ready to drive west. See you all soon!

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