Sunday, June 12, 2011

I can breath...

I spent the last three weeks thinking the worst. It started when I inhaled some food. The discharge instructions I got that night were to make a follow up appointment if I didn't feel better in 5 days unless that is we call you. Well, they called, and called, and called...then when I finally made an appointment and had to change it I got an earful about how my health was much more important than a meeting. There was some concern over some nodules that I knew I had. It appeared that they had changed. WHOA, really 3 days will make a difference? I was speechlessly nervous, beyond words actually, couldn't talk about it but resolved that if it was anything I would go see my mom's doctors at Dana Farber. Having a plan of action calmed me down enough to exist.
I got there on Friday, fearing the worst. I was told when I made the appointment to expect to have it take most of the day for testing. My BP was up, my wheezing from allergies was bad, I had hives too. I was the last in the waiting room to arrive an the first to be seen. Were they that concerned?
My mom and my friend Pete were at home sitting vigil. I wouldn't let anyone join me, so Kenny, despite not wanting to, went to work. Everyone was on edge. Planning on how to offer support if needed. Then it happened. I see the doctor and before he listens to my chest, he is confused. Why am I there? He is thinking maybe whatever I inhaled a few weeks prior is causing an infection because I am wheezing and my O2 level was down a bit from normal. As soon as we discuss my cat scans, he understands that most of my wheezing is being caused by stress as it suddenly dissipates, my face looks less stressed, and my color returns . The nodules have not changed, there is no real need for me to be there otherwise. The message he had left his staff was exactly that, call her and tell her that everything is fine, no need for concern. So I spent 3 weeks of my life freaking out over a secretarial mistake. Imagine if I had a heart condition?


The rest of the day was spent with my mom and Pete. We went for Pizza then to the lake. We got nostalgic. We talked about changes to the neighborhood, the things we used to do as kids, the ice cream man, the docks, the stupid pranks. We talked about Maine, my trip to SLC, and ideas for fundraising for the PMC. We watched a kid pull a bull frog out of the reeds, the biggest frog I have seen in awhile (wish I had taken that picture). It was the size of an 8 year old boy's forearm and took two hands to grasp. He was beautiful and the kids marveling at him were even more incredible, they were careful with him and eventually released him when they were done studying him. Remember what it was like to be a kid and interact with some form of wild-life like a frog, a toad, a crab, tadpoles, salamanders, or even the occasional baby bird? Shortly afterwards Pete and I went to pick Kenny up from the train station, Chris was driving. He stopped to let a turtle cross the road. I got out to make sure the turtle got off the road completely and realized they can run, fast. On the way back up the turtle was still trying to make its way through a fence and was headed back into the road. I got out again and took him to a break in the fence to release him into the underbrush, he launched himself immediately upon contact with the ground. A very satisfying moment.

What about training?

I finally got my bike to Tim yesterday. It needs a new drive train; chain rings, cassette and chain. I had apparently ridden a bunch more than I had thought I had. I usually pay attention to my mileage and have a good idea about when I need to do those overhauls. I lost track this time. Oh well, better fixing it here instead of a few weeks from now when I am out west. So I have been out on my mountain bike for the past week. Today I took it out on one of my normal road rides, and quite honestly with the 29" tires I could ride almost as fast BUT I felt like I was pulling a cement filled truck tire behind me especially when climbing. I saw plenty of interesting things this morning too, an oriole, a bluebird, a few turkey vultures doing what turkey vultures do, a slew of deer, a flock of swans who spit at me for stopping to take a picture. I also spooked to horses despite being cautious about coming up on them. Thank God the event didn't toss their riders. I saw a woman with two dogs who couldn't understand why I was out on the road with a ride suited for the woods? Come to think about it, I think I am asking myself the same thing? As for riding in the woods, after the last beating I think I don't want to ride single-track alone anymore. I am getting too gutsy for my own ability because I have this desire to improve my skills. I think the technical stuff should be done with company, just in case.

I really can't wait to get my road bike back though. I lent my spare to a kid who has the courage to ride the PMC as a teenager. This morning I was debating that Karma decision as I worked twice as hard to go half as far. I hope her training is going well. I hope she is enjoying the ride and taking notice of the many cool things along the way.

Song that has been running through my head as I ride lately:

Until next time!

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It's great to hear everything worked out ok.