Monday, June 27, 2011

I just wasn't into it

My workout yesterday was one I really looked forward to: ride, dryalnd, ride but for some reason after getting off the bike at the Quinnipiac fields and delving into that first set of low-walks I realized I was not feeling it. Maybe I just needed to be persistent? By the 5 set of low walks my body was in pain but not that welcome burn I was expecting. It was more of a tightness almost as if my muscles refused to stretch THAT WAY at that moment. I wasn't overly sore from the day before. I wasn't winded or tired. I just wasn't feeling it. On to the next exercise, 5 sets of a static medley, and the next a turnstep medley, same thing, nothing in them legs. Geez, screw it! I decided to blow off the rest of this part of my day even abs didn't work out so well. So I waited for Chris to finish up his work. It was actually fun to pay attention to him without interfering in his work. We eventually said our goodbyes, hoped on the bike and were off and riding. Chris even drove home. 

Off on the bike soon. Concert tonight at the Ives Center! Michael Franti and Grace Potter.

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