Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting to the start of the Pan Mass Challenge by way of Salt Lake City

In a few days I will be embarking on the road trip of a lifetime. I will be driving with my oldest and youngest sons to Salt Lake City to spend just under a month interning with a coach that I consider a mentor while my youngest, Chris trains. I will also be trying to fit in my own training for a ride that will take place on the other side of my trip, The Pan Mass Challenge. In August, I will travel back east, foregoing home, to start my 192 mile pedal across the state of MA. This road trip to Sturbridge, Ma will be 5 weeks long and cover many miles at all kinds of altitudes and interesting scenery.  The anticipation is, well, a bit overwhelming.

We will be kicking off our trip with a going away party of sorts. A New England Supper (fish chowder, baked beans, hot dogs, a slew of salads and some killer deserts like my dear friend Chris's ice box cake. Chris is a RI native living in Dennison, TX and I know he would be here helping me pull this off if he were here, only we would probably be having a lobster bake on a beach in RI instead. We will also have a 50/50, some door raffle prizes, as well as an auction of my latest work. Here is a sampling:

100% of what we take in at this party will benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, specifically the Sunflowers For Life Fund at the Jimmy Fund. This is a fund dedicated to research and support of Pediatric Brain and Spinal cancers. Regular readers of this blog often here me speak of a dear artist friend named Steve. This fund was set up by his family as a memorial to their son/brother Jared who lost his battle against spinal cancer on September 27, 2005. I am riding in honor/memory of Jared, and Jimmy, and my cousin Mark, who lost his own battle with brain cancer a few years ago, leaving a young daughter behind. I am also riding because I have witnessed first hand how awesome a place Dana Farber is this spring, when my mom was treated for lung cancer. Its a cutting edge, progressive, treat the whole patient (which includes the family) place.

If you are around on July 1st at 7PM come join us at the lake from 7-11! 
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We are asking for a minimum donation of 20/person or 50/family payable to the PMC. 
Feel free to contribute to the food or raffle prizes if you'd like. It will be a great way to start off your JULY 4th weekend!

I went out for a ride today after Chris and I spent the morning running around gathering a few items for out journey. We even found a new Farmers Market today, which is much bigger than the one we usually frequent and only another 4 miles down the road. I won't travel more than 15 miles (or what I feel comfortable pedaling home with produce on my back) for a farmers market, and this one fits that criteria. I also waited for him to finish his first conference call with US Speedskating so we could talk while what he heard was fresh. I left the house at 4PM  taking a route I haven't taken in a long while. I think its because it has a really annoying climb on it that is just over a mile long on a really busy road with a crappy shoulder. I forgot how much I really like this 23 mile route. It has a good deal of up and down, though something tells me I have not seen anything yet, and it is pretty. Its funny though,  a good deal (1/3) of this route is travel on the North County Trailway and while its nice to get off the road, it is also too predictable and the coach in me would compare it to using machines in the gym instead of opting for the free-weights. In other words I have a bit of a guilt trip going whenever I opt for the ride through the park. HOWEVER, when its not crowded, like today, it allows me to complete some long intervals. I ride to the corner of 35/100 and from there I complete the 4 mile TT route set by TNT then I pedal another 2 miles to the path and bolt again for another 3 miles I cross Hanover and 35/202/118 and bolt 2 miles to Granite Springs Rd...I keep this sprint relax thing going until about 2 miles from home, which leaves me time to cool down a bit before climbing the monster of a hill we decided to perch our house on.

Here are a few pics as well: ( I included my dinner shots too- Chris and I went to the farmers market today and got the bread from Whole G (a German bakery in New Haven, Ct). It is a triangular loaf of whole rye. I enjoyed a slice with tuna and organic tuscan kale (from Taliaferro Farms in New Paltz, NY)  


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