Saturday, April 2, 2011

I didn't really feel like it but I made myself do it...

I spent the afternoon yesterday setting up an exhibition of ceramic work. Moving pedestals, cleaning pedestals, removing boxes, climbing flights of stairs. I didn't realize just how much I did until I woke up this morning, I was spent. Consuming the 3 B's at the Blazer pub didn't help either (burger, beer, bourbon) but this was an important stop for my spirit. Tom (bartender) and I talked a great deal about my dad, the previous owners of the place and believe it or not pouring the perfect Guinness. Yes it takes Tom a good 5-7 min per pour and yes it does make a difference in the taste. He even manages a nice shamrock on top.

This morning I was a bit tired but I pulled myself together and headed to the Jonesville Store to pack up my own exhibition and you guessed it managed 10 flights of stairs with heavy boxes of ceramics. Why the heck does the work I do have to be so friggen heavy!!! After purchasing some scones and black bean pulled pork salad I headed to my mom's bearing these gifts. We lunched on the soup I had made for her before she went into the hospital, and then headed out for 90 minute ride to Balston Lake up to Saratoga and back. It was a beautiful ride. I chose both rode and about 5 miles of path (which proved to be really annoying as there were places that were tough to navigate as the snow/ice cover was not yet gone. When I finally arrived back in Balston Spa, I exited the path to find myself in the midst of a ton of chickens grazing. Anna, you are right, they are so stupid! I couldn't get them to move out of my way it was like they were oblivious to my presence. Maybe the grubs were too good?

I rode up route 50 and cut through the park on my way back. My goal was to ride for 90 minutes at 80-90% of my MHR, my theory on HR, cadence, and only checking the milage at that end is that its a better indicator of progress. So in the end, I covered about 27.5 miles in 90 minutes and it felt really good for the soul to have the sun beating down on me and the wind blasting me. I am so ready to keep training. Now I just have to start the fundraising process.

So why am I riding the Pan Mass Challenge? Mostly because of what I witnessed at Dana Farber over the last few weeks as my mom started her journey fighting lung cancer. I felt just as supported as my mom which I wasn't sure I would even need, but looking back on it now I know and appreciate how that extra effort to make my family feel comfortable made my mom feel comfortable. I cannot say it enough the place was absolutely amazing!

More from the road tomorrow. Look for another post to the Knickerbocker Ledger by tomorrow. I am just tweaking my battle of the object terminology piece, not that it really matters, my work is my work.
Until then...

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