Friday, April 29, 2011

There is this thing about PEZ

Upon my return from my jaunt west I had a package from my friend Richard. He now lives in DC but we first met when we trained together for the Northeast Aidsride. We had a great amount of fun while we both learned the ins and outs of charity events. He was semi-retired at the time, living in CT. Richard and I were like the tortoise and the hare, I would race to get there and burn out along the way, he was steady as it goes and despite the grueling nature of the terrain, he always made it into camp in good shape. He also made an awesome cheesecake which we sampled on occasion after training rides.

Richard and I were part of this team that our friend Peter had put together, team Pez (dispensing hope). Our moto was to always go with the positive. When a rider had a flat we would stop and help out and leave them with a Pez dispenser. We made it a point to stop at every lemonade stand and support the grass roots commerce. Of course we would leave the kids with Pez dispensers. We would stop and talk to the people cheering us on, and you guessed it... I would start my 3 day ride with 30 dispensers and give out 10 a day. We even rode with PEZ on our helmets. It was so enlightening to bestow upon the world this tiny amount of sweetness. 

What does this have to do with the package? Well, Richard has enjoyed reading my adventures and felt he needed to give me some sugar from afar! I came home from Vegas to find two Gieco Lizard Pez dispensers and a lovely note. Richard I can't wait to get back to DC with Kenny to ride with you again! I miss you. 

Tonight I listed one of my pieces on EBAY as a means to raise funds for the Pan Mass Challenge.  My thoughts are that I want people to remember this event when they look at the art work they purchased. I have chosen to ride on team Kermit for many reasons, some in honor of kids like my childhood friend Mike Spano, Jimmy Arena, and Jared Branfman who have died of brain cancer and then the parents who couldn't beat the disease either like my cousin Mark. Then there is the spiritual connection of common dates. Jimmy and Jared died the same day in 2005, my father died the same day in 1982. My dad was a teacher who appreciated the huge lessons that came in little packages. He had a heart of gold, was a superior craftsman and had a great sense of humor. He saw the good in everyone. 

Tomorrow morning will dawn early with a three hour effort on the bike, which will be repeated on Sunday as well. I am hoping to ride with a new group of people with my friend Clare in Stamford on Sunday morning. Pedaling onward and upward yet again! 


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