Sunday, March 27, 2011

its been a long week

lots of firsts: 
seeing my mom so vulnerable, advocating for a parent, being around so much cancer....and despite the pain and hardship there was so much LOVE

Tomorrow is a new day, week, prayers are with a bunch of people, all those who have been wishing my mom well, the people who have been wishing me well, my brother, who I spent three captive hours in the car with, my mom (that goes without saying) and Steve who has found himself in the hospital this weekend, and his wife Ellen who has found herself in a similar place to where I have been in all week. Ellen, you are being held close in so many hearts, I know you know that, but...

Jon, thanks for pushing me to exercise and laugh despite it all. It helped a lot though tonight's 8:30 hill workout...outside in the cold, not my cup of tea, even though I did it. 

Thank you everyone for being so supportive and maybe the worst is behind us (faith).  Love you! 

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christina said...

Not sure how I found your journal, but I'm pleased I did.