Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baldy, Cue Ball, Mr. Clean...

Yes I am going to shave my head again for St. Baldricks on Saturday at the New Canaan Fire House. Cancer research for any age group is an important venture. Cancer research for pediatrics even more so.

My thoughts on vanity... While I do care about how I look, those who know me also know that I am more into how one presents themselves as a person (what is inside is what is fascinating). I am not in anyway uncomfortable about a bald head, matter of fact, its just hair, it grows back.

How am I going to feel walking into a cancer hospital with my mom with a bald head and without cancer? I thought about this long and hard. These people are in the business of treating cancer, and my take on it is that they would be thrilled by the gesture, especially when it was done to set a better example of the human condition for future adults.

So tomorrow will be my last day with hair for awhile, I figure a good 4-6 months (that is what it took last time). If you would like to support me you can do so here.

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SteveCohenMusic said...

I think it's a wonderful thing your doing. I would do that myself if I had any hair to shave off!