Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I get a text at 5PM asking me if I excited my bike today...

My first response was this guilty, whiny, plea, that I was still at work and would be for awhile. My next text was I am leaving now. Then after some thought I wrote the real question is "did my bike excite me today?" I came home, got caught up for an hour on stupid stuff and then remembered my last text. It was 7PM and getting dark, I was loaded with excuses but would not let them rule. Positive thoughts were all I could muster and I grabbed my bike, hooked up the headlight (which is brighter than both my cars) and turned on the plethora of HIT ME blinkies (placed on static so I would be less of a target) and headed out in my Kermit gear covered by illuminite. I spent a GIDDY hour getting to know my favorite vehicle again.
Tomorrow?  I officially register as a rider in the PMC.

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