Thursday, January 27, 2011

I have been thinking about this all week

Tomorrow I leave once again for Lake Placid. This is the time of year where it becomes a weekly thing, and quite honestly as much as I love that town, getting there is starting to get to me. Next weekend we are off to Milwaukee for the biggest meet of the season so far. At least the it will be some new scenery without the 5 hour drive.

I have watched Chris train all season, and have not been as big a part of it as I would have liked, but non the less I have been processing. I watched Chris try so hard to pull some technical stuff together as well as pull off an incredible 10 day peak training stint, that left him puking and tired. I know how bad he felt, and I know how hard he was working despite. He was so frustrated, so exhausted, and so incredibly ready to give up. When he did this Vo2 workout last weekend and collapsed after the first 3 minute effort, pushed through the the second on the verge of tears, and was pissed off on the third, I knew just how ready he was to taper.

The taper, is hard after all the prior go, go, go... all week I have been watching him have a hard time doing short intense workouts because he wants to push beyond what is necessary, but it is so necessary for him to pull back on volume. I hope that next week he understands that the little bit he does is not going to let him fall behind but it will be the much needed rest to rejuvenate.

Chris, I am so, so, so proud of you! (one DAY, one NIGHT)

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