Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am beginning to feel sleep deprived with the phone often ringing at 5AM to alert me that someone has no school,  or even worse in terms of sleep, I am being woken up to be told I can sleep for another hour. If you haven't figured out  already, I am a light sleeper and once I am up, I am up. Despite being so in love with my skates and xc skis and not being able to remember the last time I have been able to indulge in either on a regular basis I am so over this weather!  What's worse is that this upcoming weekend is the most important in Chris's skating season making this storm really stressful!

Originally I was going to write about my hectic weekend of heading to Lake Placid Friday night so Chris could skate a time trial coming home in a blinding snow Saturday night (ADK whiteout squalls) and then heading to Hartford for the January Thaw Short Track meet to chase blocks for hours and then hi-tailing it over to the U of H for the Scholastic Art Awards then heading back to the meet to spend another 2 hours on the ice...I woke up yesterday morning feeling like I was literally plastered to the mattress. Everything hurt after 9 hours on the ice.

I wrestled through the day yesterday and decided not to ski after work giving my body one day to rest. Today, when that phone rang I thought I would be stuck at home all day, which sucked because we had nothing interesting in this house to cook for a long period of time. We didn't even have yeast for bread. I was afraid my day would be uneventful... but then I got so bored that I decided to go out and ski, the plow hadn't come by in hours. I could feasibly ski the roads in the neighborhood. Just as I was getting ready to go out, the plow came by. I went anyway, and understood that skiing the snow bank was a total pain. I got in the car and drove to the middle school (1.5 miles away) and skied in and around the campus and then into the woods. It was great, tiring cutting trails in really deep snow, but great. As the weather worsened about 45 minutes into my adventure I skied back and aborted my adventure. I stopped at CVS for some stuff and proceeded to watch some guy totally berate a sales clerk and then attempt to steal an ice scrapper because he had a phone call and she was taking to long to deal with his emergency...

I came home, cleaned up, made some lunch and tea, then sat down to work on writing my new column for the Knickerbocker Ledger. I spent the better part of the day pulling the work together, e-mailing out some interview questions and then it hit me, despite my ski and the reprieve to get some other stuff done, I was BORED... so I decided to head out to the grocery store before dark. The precipitation had stopped.   We were out of any interesting ingredients.

A bottle of wine, greens, olives, garlic, tomato, rice, lemon, smelts; dinner. It was incredible! Now I am just waiting for tomorrow's verdict? 5AM will come too soon.

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