Sunday, January 16, 2011

skiing alone (in the woods)

My 46 year old mind thought that there was something a bit stupid nuts about skiing alone in a park on a wooded trail, my heart said it would be a soul searching and incredible endeavor. I was taught that when you were in doubt you should go with the heart, so I did. I have to say that this was a wonderful experience. It was only Lasdon Arboretum  but it was still the woods and still beautiful, also free and close to home.

I am planning on heading out again tomorrow, before we loose the snow pack to rain. I am hoping that the rain snow line is far south of here with this next storm as I am really getting into the XC ski scene this year. Maybe Fahnstalk or the Ridge will survive the warm weather and precipitation. In any case there will always be Cascade next weekend AFTER skating. 
I came home and made a fantastic lunch: fresh sardines pan fried stuffed with chermoula which was placed on a toasted baguette round. A small glass of red wine to go with it. It was a wonderful ending! Now? Its a few hours later and I am off to skate! 

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