Sunday, January 9, 2011

funky feet?

Its been a weekend! It started with an 8.5 hour, 256 mile drive to Lake Placid. I have seen white out conditions, but never in my life has 8.5 hours of not being able to see been an issue. Thankfully, we made it to Lake Placid unscathed. The weather cleared at the Cascade Lakes, where it usually takes a turn for the worse. We stashed our stuff at Carol's place and headed out for a long awaited beer. After that ride I had contemplated something stiffer, but I felt as under the weather as the road we traveled on.
Saturday was a different story, still feeling ill but excited by the prospect of a new first for Chris I looked forward to the day. It was a fantastic morning, hockey fans screaming USA, USA, USA from the fence, Ottowa boys chanting COBRA, COBRA, COBRA from the hut, Mike teasing me about being cold despite my sniffles... I even skated the afternoon session with Alicia and Jenn, hoping that a workout would make me feel more normal. We had a bunch of fun, though as we were concentrating on technique we had to laugh at ORDA's choice of music, REally? ABBA? I think we were having as much fun with the blast from the past...My childhood friend Janice, who I think was the one who purchased the speedskates I had in HS for the price of a bus ticket when I was 17 so that I could run away from home commented on my remark about skating to ABBA making the whole thing ironic. Janice do you still have those skates? You should come skate with us!!!
After a fantastic meal that included bread from the newly opened Village Bakery in the old IGA shopping center (thanks Kathy for finding the place last week), we headed to Lysek's to hang out with the Ottawa crowd. We spent the evening discussing war stories such as bears, hiking with kids, loosing kids. I never did tell them how I was lost on a trip to Europe 3 times when I was 7 but I did get Kenny and I's bear encounter on the Palenville Path out... YO, YO, YO....(meet up with the suspected bear only to find a guy named JOE petrified that someone in the woods would be calling out his name so aggressively).
This morning I woke up feeling like I had swallowed all that sand I felt like my head was buried in on Friday. I felt crappy. I tried to put it out of my mind as the exhibition reception was today. We closed up the condo, headed to the oval to watch Chris skate, then headed to the Jonesville Store. I was so happy to see Alison there. We even managed to make some minor adjustments to my exhibition, which made my day!
So we are home now and I am so beat! I will update you on our TEAM Beads of Courage activities in the next day or two...

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