Sunday, January 23, 2011

There is a point to this I swear...

Form this weekend...

A few days ago my friend told me how my writing was completely all over the place and in the end he wasn't sure what the point was. I chuckle at that remark as it makes me think of my daughter who can talk up a storm, then I think of my where she got it from and know that I am about as scattered there too. So, I guess I am putting my thought process on the table more than anything in this blog.

I spent the day yesterday thinking about all these poignant things to write about. I had finally found and settled on something really ICONIC. Do you know what happened? By the time I got to a place I could sit down and write about it I forgot what it was that I wanted to express. I am not sure if it had to do with me cross country skiing quite a bit this week, or if it was the snow days? I am certain it wasn't anything to do with speedskating, though that seems to be my life lately.

Chris and I left home at 11AM yesterday, we both had a snow day. I was hoping to be on our way by 9, but for more reasons than I can count we couldn't get it together despite the snow stopping by 8AM. We were on our way up the Thruway, just past the 787/Albany exit when traffic came to a dead stop and we sat for a bit. It seems that a certain motorcade was in town and we were victims of the impending road closure. Once we were on our way again we stopped by the Jr Short Track Trials going on in Saratoga to see how CT Speedskating was fairing. Claude was one spot out of contention for the team (5), Kristen was in 8th, Ryan was in 28th and Kyle 30th. The mood was so light, almost festive, which is so not what I expected for a national level competition.

We finally made it to Lake Placid in time for the evening session on the ice. It was cold. I was so sore. I also couldn't seem to get my right foot under me but the important thing was that I skated. I put in a few good laps. After skating, dinner, and a bit of TV we both crashed by 9:30. This morning was lazy enough to feel relaxed. This was probably a good thing as Chris had a rough work session on track and it was bitterly cold, -4.

I spent the morning session video taping his workout and skating in his downtime. I realized that I have seen him skate more from behind the camera lens than anything else this season. I am trying to decide how I feel about this. Actually, I think that its made me want to coach even more. First, I need to take care of my own training though.

I have registered for my first race in 6 years. The thing is that I am not really sure why I ever stopped training and racing. I think it was one part burnt, one part work stress, and one part overwhelmed by life. Now, I am feeling like I am not ready, but know that its just step one. It doesn't matter how I do, it just matters that I DO, that I TRY, that I WORK at it. I can do this.

We stopped by Lyseks this evening after ice and ended up having dinner with the crowd. This was totally unexpected. We were merely stopping by to say hello. I love chatting with Marilyn and Richard. I feel so at home when I am in Lake Placid, sometimes I wish we lived here.There is this thing about the high peaks that is as inviting as the ocean and the people are not in as much of a rush.

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Michael Looby said...

I am so glad to see you've registered to race again!