Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Romantic Adventure?

Kenny and I have the opportunity to travel in April to La-Plangne for a week. I am seriously contemplating giving up the trip to Tampa for NCECA to go. There is this sense of romantic adventure. Packing only what we can fit in a back-pack, flying to Geneva, making our way by train to the French alps to meet up with my friend Camille in La-Plangne for a few days stay. We will have no agenda other than spending as little as possible and having almost no baggage.
Planning travel like this is so exciting. As of right now the trip will take us through Albertville, I am wondering if we can arrange a short lay-over there so we can check out the town? We will also spend two days in Geneva, any suggestions on where to stay? Any friends with friends out there that can put us up for  2 nights? The more I write about this the more I want to do this. I am so close to taking that leap of faith...

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