Sunday, April 20, 2008

over the river and through the woods...

A perfectly cloudy damp day, but no rain, and we head to G-Mas for a sader (50 Miles). She lives in the Bronx, and we head there by bike. Chris and I had decided to ride to dinner down the path, thinking that the path was complete and learning on the ride that it would be an adventure due to the fact that there were more than a few detours. In Elmsford, we have to head out to 9A for about 1/2 mile, in which time a tractor trailer gets a flat in front of me. Waiting for the shower of tire that never materialized was nerve-wracking. Chris encountered the second two reasons you fall while clipped in- so he is up to par- falling at a light because you think you have time and realize you don't but you can't unclip fast, and the oh I forgot my feet were attached to my pedals at a stop sign on a steep hill. The trail abruptly ended in Yonkers around Mile Square Rd. We headed up the hill on Mile Sq, got to Yonkers Ave and found the path again, but couldn't find the way to get to it, we inquired at the gas station, the hot sheet hotel, and rode up the hill to Dunwoodie, only to realize that we just needed to carry the bikes up the stairs by the bridge. We find our way and we are sailing... and the path runs out of pavement near McClean Ave, now we are riding through the woods on a dirt path. I admit I wasn't quite sure where we were going, but knew we were inthe relative area. I could see Tracy Towers off in the distance to the left and the Riverdale to the right, so as long as the two were in that orientation, I knew we would find our way. We eventually found ourselves on Broadway and 242, 10 minutes and a few hills later we are in at G-Mas. Bring on the MATZA!

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