Saturday, April 19, 2008


TO answer how my rides have been going... Thursday, it was spectacular- we chased down this guy that seemed to
have that an "all that" shake them off attitude. One look at me an I am sure that he was sure he would not see us again... hah!!! 23 MPH and I cruzed by him as if he was standing still. Chris was on my tail - ok I can take my son on the flats almost any day of the week- We raced by this guy and I drop something so I tell Chris I'll meet him up ahead. I stop to retrieve but couldn't find... so f### it I head off chasing, catch both of them ... Chris smiled... the guy, who was buried by the fat chick, then by the kid, stopped to see if we were going on from where we were parked. I think we must have made his ride, at the very least, more interesting! Friday, I was off by myself. 20 fast miles (little over and hour- saw a hawk swoop down and catch a mouse in front of me, had an insect land on my tongue and start to crawl...eewwwe, and I managed to be cut off and almost killed by a neighbor (man you'd think that by now - 10 years later, that they would be used to seeing me on my bike....). Anyway, funeral today in PA. Tomorrow we are riding to SADER, a solid 50 miles away.

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