Sunday, March 30, 2008

Smart planning

I always hate the second day out of the season, it hurts! Everything about this morning's ride was tough. It started with fitting Chris to his bike, and realizing that with his track and skating schedule this week, I probably should not let him ride this morning. As a coach I know how important it is to listen to the body and plan training sessions. While his volume is manageable now, I don't want to spike things so severely that he is burned out before he really gets going. So we looked at the calendar and his training schedule and decided that two afternoons after track practice this week and two days next weekend would be sufficient.

So off I went, on my own. The thing about riding here is that you can loop a reservoir in almost any direction you go. Today I headed west and looped the Amawalk (17 miles total). I am on my skates tonight and have a bunch to do, so an hour was about my time limit for the day. It was a beautiful ride! There were the guys who were regulars, they all had this giddy reply to hello. I was, however amazed at how many people I passed who seemed to be lost in a stressful struggle, to deep to do more than scowl at a hello. I am also amazed at how some people go fast, regardless of how they pedal (or not). This guy passed me, and seemed to coast more often than pedal, yet I couldn't catch him for the life of me, despite my all out effort. All in all it was a decent ride, can't wait for Tuesday with Chris!

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