Monday, January 21, 2008

Speedskates are sharp!

I just got back from a weekend in in Placid. That drive is starting to get to me. I am so glad that our tenure there this season will soon be less urgent as Nationals is in two weeks. While I love that place, its just makes for an exhausting pace.

This week has brought some nice changes:
I swam both Tuesday and Thurs morning, and each morning my goals were taken care of despite not managing the quick paced miles due to the icy roads and shortened pool times.
I ran and hit the weight room, though the weight room was more of a training session (that left me really sore) for my level three completion. If all is said and done, I should be done by March.
I skated a few days as well, including the days on the oval.
I lost 5 pounds!
Three weeks until I skate the BAY!
Speedskates are sharp -to the tune of 9 stitches in the thumb!

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