Thursday, January 3, 2008

OUCh its CoLD!!!

It was such a beautiful day that I was excited about working out. I was half tempted to ride, but resolved that a run would be more feasible not to mention warmer. My plan was to make it at least half a mile longer than two days ago. I concenrated on picking up the pace and working on arm swing. That part was easy. The temp outside was hovering at 12 degrees and it was a bit windy. No matter how well dressed I was the air hurt anything exposed. I was listening to this playlist I have created for running, with a snappy mix from Galactic to Angelique Kidjo and thinking about something that came up in class today. There was this conversation about how boring track was and how painful running was. I told them that they had it all wrong, that running shouldn't be boring, but should be a place where they can solve the world's problems (thier world's problems anyway). I spent my last mile trying to take that advice, and came up with a decision that its time to clean up the clutter in every aspect of my life. Clutter is an exhausting albatross that gets in the way of life. On that note...looking foward to skating this weekend.
Today's goals? OK, just getting out there was enough of a goal. Moving for 45 minutes...

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