Sunday, January 13, 2008

Its Snowing!!!

I spent my weekend immersed in activity. I walked a few miles yesterday because I needed a break, and managed a run today before the long drive to Saratoga and back before heading to Shelton to practice. I didn't get the kind of ice time in that I thought I would, as there were too many new people on the ice, but I did get to move a bit. I am hoping that I will make the session in Brewster tomorrow, but that kind of depends on work.

Its snowing and I am thinking about cycling. really thinking about it, between the ride Chris and I are planning, Port Huron to NYC for Right to Play (this will be a sans organization event- totally grassroots effort) and the ride my friend is doing (PAN MASS CHALLENGE) for the Jimmy fund...

I am totally thinking ahead towards next month when I can get back out in earnest. Maybe start with my favorite GOLD coast ride to warm things up - nothing like riding along the beach in the winter then going to the Greek Diner for lunch. Chris will love it.

Now for the real meat:
goals for this week - bring workout times up to 1.5 hours a day (and mix up the intensities)
Run: Sun/Mon/Thurs
Skate: Sun/Mon/Tues/Sat
Swim: Tues/Thurs
Stay on track with nutrition - no processed foods!

Its going to be a great week!

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