Monday, January 7, 2008

Content and pleasantly tired

I spent the weekend in Lake Placid, racing. Yes, I said racing. Ok, maybe I was not really racing, in the true sense of the word, remember, I barely get out of first gear. I think of myself as the slow and steady type. I know that if I work at it though...Its the fact that I got out there. I didn't psych myself out, the mere fact that I decided that mental stress was not in the vocabulary this weekend as the physical would be more than enough and stuck too it was amazing!

My 500 time (1:05) was faster than last week (1:13)
My 1000 time (2:13) was way faster than last week (2:39)
My 5K time (12:38 or something) was indicative of my survive a marathon pace

Best of all, I was SO happy. I did really well at reframing negative thoughts. Actually, I never let them enter my head. It was just fun.

On another note it was great to see such commradery at this meet. The crowd cheered for everyone on the track. People seemed to come out of the woodwork too. I saw so many that I haven't seen in awhile. It was especially nice to see Mitch back on the ice.

Chris (polka-dot skin) had 4 PR's and almost caught Dave (.14 off). Chris H. (1st), Kristen (4th) and Andrew (2nd) skated well. Jack made a comeback to racing after 20 years and managed 4th place. Nationals is only a few short weeks away. It seems that everyone is so keyed up, so ready.

GOal for today: Its such a beautiful day that a ride may be in order but 1 hour of excercise at an active recovery pace. I also would like to turn in early as tomorrow is a pool day (5:45 AM after a 45 minute commute).

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Liz said...

Hey its nice to see another speed skater blog!! Lake placid was so much fun!!