Friday, July 30, 2010

Aniticipation is STRESSING ME OUT !!! (RELAX, deep breath...blelelele)

A four weeks ago, while preparing for my trip, I read in the CDC travelers guide that it was advisable to get both the hep A and B series. So I called my doctors office and asked about the shots and if I should go to a clinic or them. They told me that they could administer the shots in their office, which led me to believe that there was not reason to believe my insurance would not cover it. A few weeks later I get a bill for 400. for the shots and a note from my insurance denying coverage. I called about it, was assured it was a coding error and made an appointment for the second series of shots. I was told that if there was a problem they would get back to me, they didn't. Not wanting to be charged again, I called on appointment day (today). I just wanted to make sure I was not going to be billed another 400 for the second in the series, surprise surprise...If I had gone it would have cost me another 4 franklins. All the while I am missing out on the health department clinic that might have offered me a better deal...which if you go back to the beginning of this scenario, was one of the questions I asked of my doctors office. Now, I leave in a few days with only the first part of the HEP vaccines administered and no way of getting the second in the series because there is no immunization clinic date before I depart, holding my breath here.
On another note, I have been reading up on travel insurance for 6 weeks and I cannot seem to make heads or tails of travel insurance and decide exactly what is that I need. I am not worried about trip cancelation or even reimbursement of costs to change my flights if that happens, but I am worried about the medical coverage. I hear that if one gets sick, the bill can be thousands of dollars, demanded up front before treatment (the medical treatment/ evacuation thing is too close to heart right now for me not to stress a bit).
This solo traveling thing has me in knots too and now that I am not being met at the airport... I can't seem to figure out how to pack my work so that it is portable w/o being clunky and yet safe from breakage. I did think about that before I submitted photos, but my thoughts escape me now...I would say Calgon take me away, but that would just cause me more stress! (SPINNING 1,000,000,000...miles a second here, can you tell?)

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