Thursday, July 15, 2010

Salad Days and Beyond

I spent four days in Maine mainly to attend Salad Days, one of Watershed's major fundraisers. The day went extremely well with all of Sean O'Connell's plates being sold out. I donated a bowl to the raffle and it was very well received, which made me feel great about doing it. On the way home from Maine we stopped in Boston to see Steve and Ellen Branfman, the Holocaust memorial and then we detoured to Foxwoods, where we had a lovely dinner and made sure that we left some funds behind.

On Monday morning Kenny and I headed south, dropping Harriet off in Riverdale and then continuing on to DC to see Richard and Virginia to see Mark and Joanne. Our main purpose of this trip was to retrieve Anna, who has been working on a farm in southern Va for the past six weeks. I marvel at the amount of milage we put in during the past 3 days alone (1100) and the fact that I feel like I was multitasking a vacation as well. We fit in dinner in DC, stopped to get peaches and Frog Jam at Saunders, toured two breweries, and went to Tye River Pottery. Kevin Crowe is friends with Mark and Joanne as well as Steve and Ellen (but the couple's don't know each other). Mark and Joanne made a killer bowl of popcorn for viewing The Blind Side and an even better breakfast the next morning. We stopped at Crab Tree Falls (remember the Waltons?), stopped to get flour and grits at Wade's Mill, and had lunch in Lexington (home of VMI and Washington and Lee University) after a few hours of walking the farm. We finally turned for home around 4PM. We arrived home shortly before midnight.

What I learned is from this trip is that the world is MUCH smaller than I can even imagine and my time with my friends and family is so important. I wish that this trip was much longer so that there was time to linger.


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