Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So you want to be Coffee Buddies?

Sorry, but I have this wonderful relationship already. He is the only one that could ever complete who I am! ... My morning consisted of three errands:
1. getting shot up with 2 HEP vaccines (A and B)
2. going to the farmers MKt
3. going to the bike shop

The bike shop took longer than I thought it would, Tim and I were chatting too much and the bike I was picking up was not completed yet. I decided to forgo the wait and head to the local Starbucks. This proved to be more than an interesting experience. Lets just say that this encounter put a new spin on being "IN THE CLUB"

I end up a Starbucks both in need of my FIRST cup AND breakfast. It was NOON. As I order my LARGE iced coffee (OK its 101 already- hot coffee just wont cut it) and my oatmeal. As I stood at the counter adding cream to my coffee this guy starts talking to me. He's not a bad looking guy, a little skeevy, oily, slimy but if he cleaned himself up, who knows? At first I just thought he was asking me to pass the cream, and commenting on the weather. As his words started to register in my caffeine deprived brain I realized he was trying his damnedest to hit on me. First he talked about how he can't get past spending 1.50 on the a coffee, which is why he brings his refillable cup. Did I know that they only charge for a small coffee when you bring a refillable cup? Then he proceeds to tell me that he has a respectable coffee habit, after all he could be in a bar drinking beers. His wife should be so proud of him. Then he tells me that he can get free stuff from Starbucks all the time because he is a member of the "CLUB" and if I hung with him... SO DO I WANT TO BE MY COFFEE BUDDY? OUR SPOUSES WON"T HAVE TO KNOW. Did I tell him I am married? No, he figured that out by the rock on my left hand. Did I even talk to him, I told him I already had a gold card with my name on it. To which he replied then I already knew what being a member of he club meant.

SO next time you are in Starbucks and you use the same registered gift card to buy your coffee on regular basis, and you earn a bunch of stars so that they eventually send you a gold card with your name on it...

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