Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I got my BUTT kicked tonight and I only managed a few piddley miles. It all started the other day when I was bored and decided to take Tim's advice and look up meetup.com to find people to ride with. I found this group in Stamford, CT which had me interested because it meant that I could possibly find people to ride with after work. Tonight was one of those nights. I went Mtn Biking in Mianus River Park in Stamford.

No one from hosting bike shop that was supposed to show up did because it was apparently too muddy,  but this one guy Damian, a local chiropractor, and I arrived ready to ride. The issue here was that Damian was an experienced Mtn Biker. I, on the other hand was so far out of my league it was not funny, despite being out numerous times. We decided to ride anyway. He was gracious enough to give me a what amounted to an incredible lesson and trash his own workout. (what a cool guy!)


We spotted a lady slipper in bloom which is a rare find.

I learned some things about exercise physiology for the master athlete that I did not previously know. (As you age the endorphins decrease so the sensation of pain increases making falls have a negative physiological and psychological response which in turn produces the fear) I LOVE LEARNING - oh yeah I guess that is why I am a teacher.

2 falls that included one ripped pair of shorts, lots of scrapes, bruises that make me look like I have been abused, and a very tender shoulder and elbow.

A very mud encrusted bike (looks like it spent a year in my studio) and a mud encrusted body.

A huge SMILE at the end - I finally navigated a piece of the trail that scared the shit out of me otherwise

I am out there again - SOON! Really soon, like Jon and Steve I might focus on this for awhile...and after the PMC this is a hard core definite!

I arrived home to tickets for Grace Potter and Michael Franti at Charles Ives in June (anniversary present). Kenny and I went to dinner at Lefteris in Mt Kisco where we split a meal. I posted a picture because three or four could have been happy with the amount. Matter of fact, Chris and Justin helped by eating only PART of the leftovers when we got home. Maybe it was enough for five or six.

On a side note, can anyone tell me about the integrated weight loss program at Kirpalu?

Lady Slipper in bloom. 

 The Cave at Mianus- If I remember right the park is supposedly haunted and it all revolves around this cave. I will be looking into this. First I have to figure out where I heard this!
Dinner picture It was so big I couldn't fit the HUGE SALAD in the shot

On a closing note- Damian that last picture I took of that tree-fall duck is not on my camera which means I HAVE TO RIDE THERE AGAIN and its not even Wednesday yet!

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