Monday, May 23, 2011

Ever feel like you are frozen in suspended animation?

 I have been scheduled so tightly that I feel like I am in one of those Star Wars garbage compactors stuck in suspended animation, frozen, unable to change my predicament or move for that matter. For the fourth week in a row I am stuck doing something almost every day of the week after school. When is this going to end?

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am headed out via Mtn Bike to Mianus River Gorge after work. I have joined a cycling group through meet-up and I am looking forward to making a fool of myself riding the stumps for a change.

This week also sees me shipping work off to Watershed and Chris. Finishing tiles for Hanna's garden. Creating a bunch of new work and writing/re-writing an article that was finished last week but lost in a weird twist of flash drive fate. Riding will be in the dark quite a bit this week I think.

TG for VA with Joanne and Mark this weekend!!! Maybe I can relax!

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