Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Single Track mind...(in other words: if you want to play with them you have to be willing to play like them)

I came home yesterday shot from all that I have been up to lately. The last thing I wanted to do was get on my bike and deal with traffic. I stewed a bit and then decided that I would hit the trails instead. My main questoin was WHERE? Driving somewhere to ride would be worse than my road bike in traffic. My lovely son told me that the powerlines that ran along the reservior are great for riding. So with directions of where to turn firmly planted in my mind and the thrill of off road so close to home leaving me both excited and nervous I headed out into the woods. It was wonderful and scary and challenging and annoying and tiring...I could keep going with my description but I will spare you. The trail traversed the powerlines, some rock walls, climbed and decended some very steep terrain and had a few trecherous water crossings (something Chris balked at - he forgot to mention that). I arrived at the rondevous with the road eventually after playing tug of war for 45 min with the bike when it sank in some sand and mud up to the disc brakes. I was scratched up and bleeding and caked in MUD and DIRT (not like that is any different than work). As I road the 4 miles home on pavement feeling like I was pushing a tank up Mt. Everest I realized how lucky I was to have a kid that thought nothing of discovering that route on his own. Check out the pics (the water crossing pictured is the only one I did not have trouble with).

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