Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shamai was right and I should have listened...

I have just finished up 5 hours in the studio, which was a bit more frustrating than I had anticipated. The importance of good quality tools is ringing loud and clear. I bought two sets of carving tools in Korea, both the same price, one is worth 4 times what I paid and the other is ready for the scrap heap, I wouldn't even bring them to school. I felt like my time was spent in flux, a period that works and a period of conflict. I kept wanting to believe that the crapping tools would work. I even spent time contemplating how to correct the problem, then I realized it was not worth it. Shamai had warned me about them, I should have listened.

As I returned upstairs my friend Sandee had posted an uplifting video on her facebook page:

Its a 15 minute long lesson on positive thinking. Its so Sandee. It was also so worth the fifteen minutes I relaxed to watch it. It made me smile.

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