Monday, September 6, 2010

Chris comes home today...

I feel like I really haven't seen Chris since the middle of July when I went to Maine. Sure, I spent a week at home afterwards before heading to Korea, but he and Mikey were upstate at my mom's for half of it. When I returned from Korea, he left almost right away for a training camp in Salt Lake City. I know that his time there has been well spent. I am excited to hear all about it. I am so grateful to Bob for spending the time coaching him and Rich and Megan for hosting him.

This brings me to my current thoughts about being involved in the sport of speedskating. While my coaching role has been redefined several times over the past two years, I have not really noticed it until this year, when my pace (figuratively)is as quick as Chris's, but spinning in a different direction. I will spend time this fall helping with certification and hopefully I will have the time to get some skating in myself. I would really like to revisit skating the marathon circuit (eventually). Because of my exhibition and firing schedule I will be missing most of Chris's major Long Track meets. This has me a little melancholy, as I really enjoy the people I have gotten to see at least once a month for half of the year. I find myself wondering if this is part of the letting go I will have to do two years from now?

I think about this as well. I wonder where Chris will go to school. Will his choices be dictated by his desire to succeed in the sport? I guess only time will tell.

Kenny was up to cooking again today, enough for the usual army and then some. We had company, my brother's family, Dan and Mary, Justin, Haley, Andrew...There were two engineers, that were not just our brothers talking shop, actually engaged in a free air-conditioning challenge that Dan had proposed. There were curried mustard greens, chick peas, BBQ ribs, burgers, salads, zucchini pie and cookies to be had. Most importantly, there was the family I have come to know over the past 20 years in Somers, plus or minus a few members sharing in a meal. It was the perfect end to a wonderful summer.

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