Friday, September 3, 2010


Yesterday I shared some personal information with my students. I have spent the past few days on Prednisone. I know from experience that this could be a recipe for disaster when building a new relationship, so I shared that with them. I asked them to understand that today might be the day that I completely dismantle my emotions and not to take it personally. This year's group of kids are wonderful. I am so excited to be sharing a community with them. So what happened today? First it was my attitude, I decided to approach the day completely relaxed. After all, half the battle to dealing with stress is to chill out. The next thing was that I went with the teachable moments, I seemed to average 1 per class period today. What was incredible was that I ended my day learning about this graffiti artist named BLU. I came up with a BRILLIANT idea for my upcoming exhibition with the help of a group of students who seemed completely bored and up to no good (there will always be a few). You'll have to wait and see. I learned that sometimes the "textbook lesson" that involves sitting yourself in the midst of a group holding court and getting ready to perform a mutiny that will unravel the morale of everyone within a mile actually works to diffuse the plan. This time I hit the jackpot in the process.I am off to hide in my studio as soon as I fetch Kenny from the train.

Here is the BLU video that started my fascination:

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