Friday, August 27, 2010

There is this thing about tea...(take two)

I met with an old friend today, who kindly suggested while reading my blog that I have tea with her when I get home. I loved the idea, so I took Patty up on it. We had not seen each other since our HS reunion in 2002. Life for me was so different then. It was so nice to catch up.
She had this incredible antique tea pot. I am thinking, by the decorative arts I have studied that it is from the 1920's and from Japan. It was something special to use once in awhile, but because of the china paint on it, I would be cautious about frequent use. Non the less, we shared some of the hand picked green tea I brought home from Korea. It was an amazing morning and I found myself rehashing things about Korea all day. I was reminiscing the subtleties of the culture.
I spent the afternoon in my studio, sort of. I made the electronic mistake of checking e-mail first, which led to too many need to tend to tasks. I eventually ripped myself free from the gadgetry and headed for some quality time with MUD. OK, quality is relative. I managed 3 hours before deciding that I was over thinking things too much. As things set up over the next day or so, I will meditate my way into this new body of work I need to accomplish for an exhibition that will occur shortly (YES I AM TOO PANICKED). I was asked to exhibit based on the work I had been known for before August but after my trip I am ready to toss the baby out with the bath water...GULP! help? HELP!!!

In the past 24 hours I have been also dealing with the impending speedskating season. Trying to secure ice, planning workouts, and finding myself jealous that Chris is in SLC for a few weeks at a training camp while my summer has come to an abrupt halt. I awoke this morning with this passion for skating that I haven't been able to muster up for a very long time. Yet, knowing that I have so much at stake with my artwork, I am a bit hesitant... perplexed...and longing...why so competitive now?

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